Uganda Safaris and Tours

The “Pearl of Africa” offers a diversity of landscapes and cultural locales.

Select from any of the following locations, or contact us for more information about destinations within Uganda.

Wildlife Safaris

Murchison Falls National Park

Watch the Nile River flow through a 7m gap into an abundant home for crocodiles and hippos. Elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalo and a variety of other wildlife call this park home. Stay in luxury resorts or tent camp along the river shores.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Kidepo National Park

This game park is hidden in the remote plains of Northeastern Uganda. As well as a range of wildlife, one of the most traditional Ugandan tribes, the nomadic Karamojong, call this region home. Meet them for a very interesting culture experience!


Other Attractions


Lake Victoria

Relax at any of many locations along the world’s second largest freshwater lake and eat the famous Tilapia. Or, take a boat to the Ssese Islands or Pineapple Bay for a unique island experience.


Visit the source of the River Nile! Raft class five whitewater, ride 4-wheelers or horses on the shores, or just chill to the peaceful sound of the flowing water of one of the world’s most famous rivers.

Mt Elgon and Sipi Falls

Home to a series of three breathtaking waterfalls, you can just relax in the cool air of this remote, high-altitude location as you look over the eastern plains of Uganda, or hike the steep cliffs for an awesome experience. Many other activities abound such as rock climbing, abseiling beside the falls, and coffee tours. Enter Mt Elgon National Park to hike this 4321m (14,177 ft) mountain.

Rwenzori Mountains and Crater Lakes

See white-capped mountains rise out of the tropical foliage or take in the mountain lakes. Offers a range of activities from those wishing to rest to serious mountain climbers.

Lake Bunyonyi

This remote, peaceful and clean lake is also believed to be Africa’s second deepest lake. Stay at a variety of resorts or tent camp along the shores or one of many islands within the lake!


When traveling west from Kampala, be sure to stop at the center of the globe as you cross the Equator!

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Stop for an unforgettable experience as you walk out to see rhinos being raised in natural habit for future release in the wild.